It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written, and my last entry was about day 3 of my food journal. Well, I’ve kinda gotten off track with that. I’m still aware of what I eat, so that’s good. I’m dropping weight bit by bit! I’m glad because I was at this weird neverending plateau … Continue reading TGIF!

Day #3…

Did I mention that I am not a fan of food journaling? I think I figured out at least one of the reasons why. I’m being held accountable for what I eat. If journaling is going to work, I have to be honest. Therefore, if I really want those fries, I must write it in … Continue reading Day #3…

Food Journal. Bleh.

Happy Wednesday, y’all! Yesterday, before my last session with my trainer, I decided to start a food journal. Again. I’m not a fan of food journals, but I’m going to become a fan. Yes, I find it tedious. However, my body goes through things that I’m sure can be attributed to the food choices I … Continue reading Food Journal. Bleh.

Ch ch ch ch changes!

Did I mention that I have not always been a fan of change? In some ways, I’m still not a fan, but I manage to make changes anyway. So, over the weekend, my trainer informed me that he accepted a training position across the country. Wha? WHAT?!? Wow. Of course, I’m VERY happy for him! … Continue reading Ch ch ch ch changes!